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The experienced IRS Voluntary Disclosure lawyers at the Thorn Law Group can help resolve your tax problems.

Tax issues can have very serious consequences for you and your business. Contact Kevin E. Thorn directly to speak with a highly experienced tax litigation lawyer. Mr. Thorn and his law firm are interested in helping each client understand the issues and potential consequences they face when defending a case against the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Justice, the United States Tax Court, the IRS’s Office of Professional Responsibility, the IRS’s Whistleblower Office as well as the various methods available to resolve their disputes.

To speak with Kevin E. Thorn and the tax attorneys at Thorn Law Group, please call (202) 349-4033 or complete the form below. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

I have read and agree to the following terms: Thorn Law Group is pleased to receive your inquiry regarding our law services. However, an inquiry to Thorn Law Group should not disclose information about a particular matter prompting the inquiry. Please note that an attorney-client relationship, and corresponding confidentiality of information, does not arise until Thorn Law Group has determined that no conflicts of interest exist and has sent a letter of engagement. For your protection, please do not send us confidential information until you speak with one of our attorneys and get authorization to send that information to us.

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